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"This always ends up happening, but what I do is focus on what I want out of my presidential candidate," Rust said.

- 3 pm - Millsap Elementary - Voter hopes for an end to the vitriol Jenna Rust, who has spent her career in the restaurant industry, said all the vitriol in this year's campaign did not deter her from voting Tuesday at this Cypress ISD school.

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She stressed that election workers treat everyone equally."That's not the case, " said Pavalock of Burks' complaint. We try to do our best to make the voter feel welcome." There was at least one African-American poll worker in the polling place. - Relief reported to long lines and snafus at Birnham Woods Elementary in Montgomery County A 90-minute line basically disappeared after Montgomery County officials fixed a malfunctioning check-in machine that had slowed voters with last names A-L. By , the busy Montgomery County polling place had seen 698 ballots cast. - Quiet at River Oaks Recreation Center There were more basketball players and children on the swing sets than voters by .

Ryan Crews, 24, stopped to vote for Gary Johnson because his views and those of the Libertarian party align. Crews said he's glad to see the election end and won't miss the vitriol he saw Democrats and Republicans exchange via social media. - Record turnout at Clear Lake City Church of Christ In the 15 years she's worked elections, 87-year-old Dee Carroll said this is the largest turnout she's ever seen.

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