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It was modified in 1958 for more volume, switching to four 5881 power tubes with the more efficient long-tailed pair phase inverter for a power increase to 80W.

This "hi-powered," tweed-covered design continued into early 1960, after the other Professional Series of Fender amplifiers had made the transition to the modern brownface design.

The entire line of Fender amplifiers from 1955 to 1959 (later for smaller models and Bassman) was uniform in this look—tweed or "airline linen" covering with a maroon with gold stripe woven saran grill cloth.

The controls have black-skirted knobs numbered from 1 to 10.The speed controls varies the rate of the oscillator.The depth control limits the amount of application the variable resistor has on the audio signal.The front panel also has a bright red pilot light lens (better known as "pilot lamp jewel" for its multiple triangular-shaped facets), covering the pilot light (made by the Chicago Miniature Lamp Co.).Other colour schemes (amber, white, green, purple and blue) are also available.

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The image of the Twin-Amp in the 1960 Fender Catalog has been the subject of considerable scrutiny.

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