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The marriage was formalized in a civil ceremony presided over by Taliaferro, who was a justice of the peace.Since slave marriages had no legal sanction, supporters of Scott would later point to this ceremony as evidence that Scott was being treated as a free man.This decision nullified the essence of the Missouri Compromise, which divided territories into jurisdictions either free or slave.Speaking for the majority, Taney ruled that because Scott was simply considered the private property of his owners, he was subject to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting the taking of property from its owner "without due process".In February 1838, Emerson met and married Eliza Irene Sanford at Fort Jesup in Louisiana, whereupon he sent for the Scotts to join him.While on a steamboat on the Mississippi River, between the free state of Illinois and the Iowa district of Wisconsin Territory, Harriet Scott gave birth to their first child, whom they named Eliza after their mistress. Eventually, they would also have two sons, but neither survived past infancy.The Emersons and Scotts returned to Missouri in 1840. After he died in the Iowa Territory in 1843, his widow Irene inherited his estate, including the Scotts.For three years after Emerson's death, she continued to lease out the Scotts as hired slaves.

Having failed to purchase his freedom, in 1846 Scott filed legal suit in St. Scott stood on solid legal ground, as Missouri precedent dating back to 1824 had held that slaves freed through prolonged residence in a free state would remain free when taken back to Missouri.

To avoid the family from breaking up, Harriet urged Dred to take action. Emerson case was tried in 1847 in the federal-state courthouse in St. Since they were not citizens, they did not possess the legal standing to bring suit in a federal court.

As slaves were private property, Congress did not have the power to regulate slavery in the territories and could not revoke a slave owner's rights based on where he lived.

Some believe that Scott was sold in 1831, while others point to a number of slaves in Blow's estate who were sold to Emerson after Blow's death, including one with a name given as Sam, who may be the same person as Scott. Emerson moved frequently, taking Scott with him to each new army posting.

In 1836, Emerson and Scott went to Fort Armstrong, in the free state of Illinois.

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