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EVERY DAY I LOGIN THE WEBSITE WHICH HELPS ME TO CLOSE TO MY SHINDHU NAGAR AS I AM FAR FROM MY HOME.THANKU AGAIN AND I AM PRAY TO OVER LALSAI ALSO BEST OF LUCK TO SINDHUNAGAR TOMAKE ULHASNAGAR ON A GOOD PATH OF SUCCESS JAI JULELAL...This site is really MIND BLOWING..kind of information the quality the font..everything is perfect and so nice..expecially the interactive train time table for Central Railway was THE BEST. As told by my grand father , Jhule lal is our Guru.

he website tamam suthii aahie moonkhe tamam khushi thi he website disse..

i request janadesh and jansandesh to kindly continue there voting awareness campainge after elections also to help sindhis to register new votes /corrections/eliminations/change of address etc. KINDLY NOTE THAT ULHASNAGAR VOTING PERCENTAGES ARE LOWEST IN WHOLE MAHARASHTRA STATE.

check this web Now I can say "Yes We Can", really this site is very Helpfull. after I lossed my money Rs.24,000/- to some email stranger that they will arrange my working permit visa etc, am now checking here & there.

In maharashtra Ulhasnagar may become one of the platform to invest illegally blackmoney in real estate through dalals of real estate and cheated poor sindhis Ultimately there was migration from ulhas to nearby localaties by sindhis by selling properties and shifted to nearby finally proportion of community decrease in the Sindhunagar considerably. and all other parts of the world to mark a remarkable place of Sindhi Food all over the world. upto certain extend we proved this by this much voting percentage.

Dear, Sindhi Brothers and sisters Kindly have a look to the following link. I request those who can afford and spare time for sindhiyat plz encourage to study Sindhi Literature. Skumar Dear Sindhis If any one knows the owners of Famous Sindhi Hoteliers Bhagat Tarachand & Kailash Parbat, Mumbai Please suggest them to open their Branches In Dubai, U. this is high time dear Sindhis Wake Up Before is too late.

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