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The show took place in Bentenjima of Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka on 31 July and 1 August.The successful event gathered 50 thousand people per day, totaling 100,000 people in the end.On 21 October, their first mini album, Bad Communication was released. On 21 February 1990, their third album Break Through was released. Wicked Beat, their second mini album, was then released on 21 June.The title track was a blend of rock and dance music, and is still a classic played during their "Live-Gyms." It charted for 163 weeks on the Oricon Charts. To promote it, they started a tour with 22 shows nationwide. In contrast to the many promotional efforts for Break Through, Wicked Beat received little promotion and the duo went back to the studio and began recording.

The tour started in December and managed to flow into the next year.As a result, they decided to keep it a two-man unit.On 21 September 1988, B'z made their debut with their first album, B'z, and single, "Dakara Sono Te o Hanashite ()".At the time, Japan's music scene was loaded with many new bands being created.With all the digital sounds in mainstream music, the only sounds that they felt could not be expressed and replicated were the guitar and the human voice.

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