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It is connected with a climate in which the species occurs.

The study of distribution maps of the species occurring in the East Africa are provided for this area, as well as for their entire range.

This new knowledge, along with a revision of literature data, led to a new conclusion as to a number of all species is connected with White's phytochoria.

It proves that not only South Africa, but also the Zambesian Region is a very important center of diversity of this genus. It reveals that most of the species in East Africa grow in the mountains and they show preferences of dispersal in particular altitudinal levels.

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In its final form, it consisted of three volumes in sixteen fascicles.

The 648 colored copper engravings were the work of Joseph Hofbauer, Ferdinand and Franz Bauer, and Joseph Scharf.

A sclerenchyma distribution, as well as number of vascular bundles can be used for a species determination.

Mehr Wissenschaftlich fundiertes Informatiosblatt von Virologin Dr.

Patricia König mit der Beantwortung der wichtigsten Fragen rund um die Krankheit und den Umgang mit erkrankten Tieren sowie vorbeugende Maßnahmen.

Some species however are under threat of extinction.

This is due to their incapability of surviving in changed habitats, especially in shade of cultivated plants.

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