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‘I don’t remember there being a particular moment when she told us who her real father was.It was something that was always there, in the background.’Lord Fermoy returned home to England, renting a shooting lodge in Heacham, Norfolk, and becoming the Conservative MP for King’s Lynn in 1924.‘She wasn’t going to be any man’s mistress, lord or not, and Fermoy was unlike King Edward with Mrs Simpson.

And in the meantime, in 1931, 46-year-old Fermoy married Ruth Gill, 22, daughter of a Scottish Army Colonel.

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Theirs is a life lived close to nature, amid the scenic splendour of America’s North West coast.

Their grandmother, Edith Travis, had a lifelong love affair with Princess Diana’s grandfather Maurice Roche, the 4th Baron Fermoy.

Despite marrying other people, the pair corresponded in secret throughout their lives, maintaining an intimacy which would last 40 years until Lord Fermoy’s death in 1955.

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