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Jukes at Bebea—Beheading knife and carrier—Kiwai Island—Wabuda—Fly River—Parama—Mawatta and Massingara—Tribes to the west of the Massingara.CHAPTER VIII—ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE The Central Court of Papua—Native magistrates' courts—Native regulations—"Spreading lying reports"—Adultery—Sorcery—dictable offences—Murder—"Paying back"—The insignia of the assassin—Ritual murders—Burying children alive—Murder as a relief to the feelings—Nobo House—Vata—Cannibalism—Poisoning—Sorcerers as poisoners—Other crimes.CHAPTER III—HISTORY First discovery of New Guinea—Isla del Oro—Origin of the name Papua—The name New Guinea first applied to North Queensland—Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch navigators—Dampier—Captain Cook—Mc Ckire of Mc Clure Gulf—Explorations of the coast of Papua—Blackwood, Yule, Owen Stanley, Moresby—Dr.

This, again, cannot be done without missionary teaching. In conclusion, I wish to thank the many residents of Papua who have assisted me with suggestions and advice, and also those to whom I am indebted for the photographs which will probably form the most interesting part of the book, and my acknowledgments are also due to the proprietor of the Empire Review for his permission to reproduce the chapters on the geography of Papua and the administration of justice which have already appeared in that periodical. CHAPTER II—PAPUAN GEOGRAPHY (continued) The Papuan capital—View from Tapaharti—The Astrolabe Range—The Rona Falls—Galley Reach and Mekeo—Mountains behind Mekeo—The road to Mafulu—The Valley of the Upper Venapa—The Boboi District—Lopiko and Mount Yule—Gulf of Papua—The Lakekamu and the Tauri—The Purari Delta—The Kikori—The Turama bore—The Fly and Western Rivers.CHAPTER VII—THE NATIVE POPULATION (continued) Papuans of the Gulf—Initiation of youths—Elema and Namau—Moviavi and Motu Motu—The Kukukuku—Cannibalism in Namau—Vailala and Hakeko—Men with tails—Orokolo—Namau villages—The Ravi—Kaiaimunu—Confession of Avai of Baimuru—Namau labourers—Trade in Namau—The Koriki confederation—Attack on Messrs.Buchanan and Charpentier—Naval battle on the Purari—Tribes west of Baimuru—The Urama—The Paia tribe—Goari Bari—Recovery of the remains of Chalmers and Tomkins—Long houses at Goari Bari and neighbouring villages—Agibi—Dancing mask or Awoto—Cannibalism—Natives of the Kikori—Bamu natives—Mr.An uncivilised people who come into contact with Europeans will inevitably be led, sooner or later, to abandon their old customs and beliefs, many of which are admirable, and have served as a guide for generations of men and women in the past, and, when these are gone, the "native" (as we call him) is lost, unless some one is there to put some form of religious teaching in their place.The Government obviously cannot do this, and it is not likely that the majority of the settlers will, and, unless the missionary is there to help him, the native is left like a ship without a rudder, and will run a great risk of being wrecked in the sea of an alien civilisation. These considerations are, of course, quite independent of the question whether Christianity is true; personally I believe that it is and this may perhaps induce me to form an exaggerated estimate of its influence, but I cannot help thinking that, even if I did not believe as I do, I should, from a purely administrative point of view, entertain exactly the same opinion as regards the necessity of some form of missionary teaching at the present stage of the Papuan's evolution.

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