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I couldnt quite come to terms with that because if my kids were white why wouldnt he be "cleaning up a white guys mess" if they are indeed cleaning up someones mess?He told me it's an issue because white guys can't go in public with my kids and atleast pretend they are his kids because they clearly aren't. Through all of this, he always worded it as " other white guys think this way ".“Growing up around black males, they were always my competitors ya know?I never viewed or saw myself doing anything sexual with my neighbors.He’s treating a whole group of people as the few he’s grown up with, which is making a generalization.Lacy’s comparing every black boy on earth to the people he grew up with, which is inaccurate, but just wrong. Eventually Lacy said he wasn’t taking anymore questions about his sexuality, and that the answers were all on his blog.

Well after a while it became clear he DID feel that way and I couldn't take it anymore and we eventually broke up."I think he knows people will *think* he's joking - and that his rep will say he's joking - but I don't think he's joking. Others thought the reporter should've followed-up on his answer so we could know the truth.One day he told me that most white guys have a huge problem dating white girls that have been with black guys, especially those women that have children with the black guy.He told me that in white guy world is considered "cleaning up a black guys mess".

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I really just want to get some opinions here of some real men and how they feel about dating a white woman with bi-racial kids?

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